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As of Jan 1, 2020, It will no longer be legal to install or service any AC system which contains R-22 refrigerant. What will you do?


In searching for a more environmentally friendly refrigerant, the US government has been driving to replace R-22 with R 410a. The time table was announced a decade ago.


– your system is 10 years old or less, chances are its a system designed to run on R 410a, so you're good to go

– your system is older than 10 years old, chances are your system was designed around R-22

R-22 will no longer be available for sale as of Jan 1, 2020. What will you do?


If you have an older R-22 system, you can…

  • Replace it with a new R 410a system
  • Use a retrofit to adapt your old R-22 system over to support R 410A

Either way, you will have a big decision to face in the next year. Costs to repair will keep growing until Jan 2020 as availability of R-22 keeps getting tighter, prices go up.

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