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Installation and Retrofits

What happens when you move your business into a larger facility? Or you want to upgrade your existing equipment with new controllers or add alarms? You call us! That's right whatever your relocation needs are we can help you with them, from moving an environmental chamber across the facility to moving a 10,000 sqft walk-in across the state we can do that. We can also retrofit your equipment if needed from new controls to refrigerant change outs.

Custom Built Equipment

We can also custom build equipment to fit your needs, yes we can build or have built equipment that can go from -150C to +1200C by several manufacturers if we can not build in in house. You may ask what kind of equipment have we built in the past?

Equipment our Technicians have built:

  • 8' X 10' X 26' Stainless steel insulated cabinet designed to run at 195F @90% humidity to test solar panels in the most extreme conditions, for ASU.
  • 1 cubic foot chamber with 2,500 CFM of airflow across the product, this unit was designed around the product. It had one access door and baffles that changed the airflow from -80C to 400C using trophet heaters and custom heat sinks in both recirculating section to store the mass for the transfer between cycles. This unit used 2 5 hp Carlise compressors to achieve the cooling in the two stage system, for a defense contractor in California.
  • A liquid to Liquid thermal shock machine that has quick connects and expansion tanks for a small stainless steel chamber they blow up primer cord in to test its effectiveness against lexan. They blew more than the lexan up and we had to have the small chambers built in mass, local defense company.
  • 8' X 8' X 12' custom stainless steel walk-in designed to test drop ins that would be used to monitor satellites while they orbit. The unit had to maintain temperature within 3 degrees with a 30K live heat load, the first stage coil water from a cooling tower, transitioning into a R-22 system and then r-113 as the finals stage. The temperature requirements were -40C to 450C in 7 minutes, EF Data Corporation.
  •  22' X 38' X 12' walk-in with dropped ceilings and custom glass doors and shelving system from Metro to run a FIFO, this equipment had to run 35F within +/_ 1.5F and any point in the cooling area. The walk-in had two back up systems installed in case of any failures, Ventana Medical Systems.
  • System upgrades to Ransco 7102-1 to change the airflow, custom built racking systems to hold the product and custom data logging that allows for a live test during testing profiles. This allowed the engineers to see what the processor was doing under the set temperature range, they could see if it failed and when it failed, Sub-strait testing Intel.

Those are just a few pieces of equipment that our technicians have designed and built over the years so if you are in need of having some equipment moved, retrofitted, upgraded, removed or want a custom piece of equipment manufactured please don't hesitate to give us a call, we are not your typical refrigeration company!

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Services We Offer:

  • Agree Chambers Service and Repair
  • Altitude Chamber Repair and Service
  • Baths-Recirculating Repair and Service
  • Bio-Hazard Repair and Service
  • Body Box Repair and Service
  • Blood Banks Repair and Service
  • Chart Recorders Repair and Service
  • Centrifuges Repair and Service
  • Cooling Carts Repair and Service
  • Cryo-freezers Repair and Service
  • Cryostats Repair and Service
  • Dishwasher Repair and Service
  • Freezers Repair and Service
  • Freeze Driers Repair and Service
  • Furnaces Repair and Service
  • Geo Thermal Service and Repair
  • Glass Freezers Service and Repair
  • Glassware Washers Repair and Service
  • Glove Box Service and Repair
  • Growth Chambers Repair and Service
  • High Velocity Refrigeration Service and Repair
  • HVAC Service and Repair
  • Ice Machine Service and Repair
  • Immersion Coolers Repair and Service
  • Incubators Repair and Service
  • Lyophilizers Repair and Service
  • Make Up Air Service and Repair
  • Morgue Refrigerator & Freezer Repair and Service
  • Ovens- Industrial Repair and Service
  • Prep Table Service and Repair
  • Refrigerators Repair and Service
  • Shaker Incubators Repair and Service
  • Stability Chambers Repair and Service
  • Sterilizers Repair and Service
  • Temp Cycle Chambers Repair and Service
  • Temp Humidity Chambers Repair and Service
  • Thermal Shock Chambers Repair and Service
  • Ultra-Low Freezers Repair and Service
  • Ultra Low Temp Freezers Repair and Service
  • Vacuum Oven Service and Repair
  • Vapor- Traps Repair and Service
  • Walk-In Refrigerator Repair and Service
  • Walk-In Freezer Repair and Service
  • Water Baths Repair and Service

Our Management Team

Steve Bishop
CEO and Commercial Manager
Steve is the CEO of Spectrum Refrigeration and senior manager, he also heads the commercial refrigeration department, he is also lead service tech.